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I’m not one to follow a trend just for the sake of following it. I have met a number of writers who are using social networking to promote their work, and I see the value of blogging. I couldn’t find my blogging niche, so I just kept toiling in comparative darkness. That was an odd place for a writer who has finished more than fifty short stories and four novel-length works. It’s past time for me to jump on this useful bandwagon.

The catalyst for creating my blog and the companion Facebook page was my seeing dozens of writers handing their business cards to other writers. When I posted a request for opinions on where to buy cards and what to include on them, writer Susan Chase-Foster said to include my blog address. I began to think about possible blog themes as a precursor to designing business cards.

First of all, I realized that outing myself as a serious, long-term, dedicated writer would both validate some friends’ belief in me and light a fire under my production level. When my day career hits busy spots, I don’t hit my writing goals. With this blog active, when I don’t meet my page count, anyone can note the fact and take me to task. In a sense, I am forming a huge virtual writing group for myself, and because I’ll know that people may notice when I slack off, I’m likely to remain productive. The tactic has worked for me before.

However, I still needed a hook for this blog. And suddenly, it came to me: I love to write in coffee shops and similar places where the owners don’t mind if you buy something and work awhile. I’m productive in such places, because noise doesn’t bother me, and I’m not likely to stop for a nap when the caffeine wears off. And so, I’m going to talk about what I’ve written in the context of where I’ve written, and I’ll provide my take on the writer-friendliness of various venues, primarily in Bellingham, Washington, but also in other cities where I have had the opportunity to write.

As for the name of this blog, it also came as a sudden inspiration. Since the café writing life suits me, I’ll think of this blog as my own virtual, portable café. The name is the same as that of a restaurant my grandparents owned in Shoals, Indiana, from the mid-1950s until 1971. I spent a lot of time there, and many happy memories flood back when I think that I am again at a Dwyer Café. You’re always welcome to join me, to make kind comments to others who are visiting, and to feed off my energy (as it were), should it motivate you to be the best writer you can be.

I’m adding this post on Christmas, so I’ll wish everyone a happy Christmas and hope you experience the spirit of love that the holiday originally intended. Talk to you soon!

One comment on “Why Write a Blog?

  1. Linda Lambert says:

    When I was library director in LaConner, I had a weekly newspaper column called “Beyond the Internet Cafe” since at that time (the late 90s) libraries were being heavily used for their internet access before wifi in cafes became so widespread. I work in a library, I still like to write in libraries, but I prefer cafe writing. Good luck with your column, Sean.

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