Like many writers, I began to string words together as soon as I could form letters. I surprised my mother with a self-published, self-illustrated book when I was six years old. Though my drawing never improved, my writing has, and I’ve managed to publish a bit of short fiction.

I have twice won a first-place award for my writing at the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, and I’ve written three novel-length works, as well as a book-length meditation on one poem by Pablo Neruda.

By the end of 2013, I will have either sold or epublished my first novel. Count on it.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Sean,
    I would like to go on the retreat on Feb. 9th and plan to be at Rocket donuts at 9:30 AM. Many thanks, Ellen Starr

    • Jilanne,

      I figured out how to make it larger! If it’s still uncomfortable, you can change the font size within your browser. I could also possibly go up one more size, but not too much, because of the bullet points about the cafés. Let me know what you think.


  2. Hi Sean, I enjoyed your writing very much, and I love Bellingham — if I lived there we’d come to your write-outs. I want to comment about your wordpress theme — Columnist? I found it hard to navigate, and I am a whiz on a puter. I had trouble finding your home page. I don’t know if you can tweak it to make it easier? Also, I too found the font teeny. One thing I learned when designing websites is to look at your blog on several computers (friends) and on Firefox, Internet explorer and safari — sites look different on different browsers. Fonts can read smaller. Then you might make a change or two based on that. Cheers!

    • I’m getting a number of posts together–in a week, I’ll be done with school for the year, and it’s time I got some posts on here. Thanks for asking, Jilanne!

  3. Hey, Seán, thanks so much for visiting my blog today. It felt good to have you near for a moment and I look forward to when you have time to start up again. All the best, S

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