Greetings! I am going to repost here essays from a music blog I once hosted elsewhere. The focus will be extremely obscure vinyl singles I have owned since the early 1960s–and in some cases, 45s I lost and have reacquired. I will upload the songs to YouTube for your amusement, and I will include details on the artists and everyone associated with the songs, to the degree that information is available for such obscure music.

In the 1960s, I received many 45s as gifts. They were often radio-station discards, 45s that had sat in the regular bins for a long time, or label cutouts. As such, they tended not to be hits, and many of the artists (and labels) were heard from just once.

While this series of posts focuses on the really obscure songs I own, the overall concept of the music blog is to explore my musical formation via vinyl I owned and played from the time I was two years old.

I decided to blog about the music I collected when I was a small child, rather than write about more well-known music that I have enjoyed over the years, because every song I will feature this year has a strong memory linked to it. Most people associate certain songs with specific times, places, or people. All of my upcoming blog songs relate to my home, but they relate in bittersweet ways to events that are long past and to people who are no longer alive. How many memories can I attach to 104 songs? You’ll know the answer when I finish the series.

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